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What Makes Us Special

Here at Where’s My Staff we try to deliver the best product on the market to make your life easier. Our system is optimized with many useful functions that you can read more about on our ‘features’ page. 

Track Employees and Field Staff

Where’s My Staff keeps track of where your employees are at any given time.

Log Attendance and Work Hours

Where’s My Staff can log when staff members arrive to and leave their worksites.

Calculate Wages and Payrolls

Where’s My Staff can calculate your employees’ wages and payrolls for you.

Gain Access to Useful Data and Reports

Where’s My Staff can turn all of the collected data into useful charts and reports.


Why Choose Where's My Staff

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Easy to Use

We believe that users should enjoy their workplace systems. Therefore, We offer you extremely simple and intuitive web and mobile interface designs. Everything is optimized for maximum user satisfaction.

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Excellent Customer Service

We know how important reliability is for you. Which is why our customer support team is always ready to assist you with whatever issues you may face.

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Safe & Secure

Privacy and data security are among our top priorities. For that reason, we do not collect or store any of your or your employees' personal data, and don't sell any of the data you've given us to third parties.


Create an account, register your team members and start monitoring.

3 ways to track employees

Real-Time Tracking GPS

Time and Attendance recording

Visited location summary


Download the App

The employees' app is used for staff members to clock in and out when they reach their worksites. There is only one button, which makes it extremely easy to use. The app is compatible with all android, IOS and Hawaii devices!

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Your Data Is Safe With Us

Where's My Staff abides by EU standards for data safety and collection. We do not store any of your information or data, and collect what is needed only with the consent of the user.

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Best Pricing Plans

Monthly PlanYearly Plan

Time Clock App

$3 /mo
$30 /year
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  • Up to 3 Employees
  • Attendance Record
  • Track visited locations
  •  Multi-Branches/Dep


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GPS Location Tracker

$5 /mo
$50 /year
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  • Up to 3 Employees
  • Attendance Record
  • Track visited locations
  •  Multi-Branches/Dep
  • Real Time GPS track
  • Detail employee paths 


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Why this Sfotware?

“Where’s My Staff” can replace complex and costly attendance machines and conventional tracking devices applied in all small, medium-sized organizations and enterprises.